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Middle Passage


Commercial goods from Europe were shipped to Africa for sale and traded for enslaved Africans. Africans were in turn brought to the regions depicted in blue, in what became known as the "Middle Passage". Enslaved Africans were then traded for raw materials, which were returned to Europe to complete the "Triangular Trade".

Все началось с того, что обсуждали с коллегой лекцию. Там такой отрывок.

Tony Morrison dedicated her novel “to sixty million and more”. Does anyone have any idea to whom or what she might be referring to? “To sixty million and more”? Remember, Tony Morrison is an African-American woman. And I’ve told you that this is a historical novel. Does anybody have a clue? I think that “sixty million and more” refers to Africans who were brought to America. Not only to the United States but also to  South America and to the Carribean. The journey for the Africans was called the “Middle Passage” - the passage across the Atlantic. That was the journey of sheer horror. It is estimated that one in ten people survived. OK?”

It is estimated that one in ten people survived
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