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Paro Robot baby seal keeps you away from loneliness


Paro, dubbed as the world’s “Most Theraputic Robot”, has now gone on sales in the US. The Paro is a cuddly baby sealbot, originated from Japan and there are over thousands of them in Japan being used to treat patients with Alzheimer’s and other debilitating physical and emotional illnesses.

Each Paro is handmade and being equipped with various sensors making its super responsive to a variety of stimuli including touches, strokes, calling it by its name, and it comes with learning capability too.

Paro has good memory of every action that you’ve done on it, such as if you stroke it every time you touch it, it will remember your previous action and try to repeat that action to be stroked. If you hit it for certain actions that it does wrong, it’ll remember and try not to do that action again.

The Paro is super cute specially made for those living in big cities, who are still single or those aging which loneliness is around. Having a highly interactive baby seal to accompany you definitely makes your days much more joyful and lively. A Paro isn’t cheap to own, which costs around $5,000.
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