iris_arctic (iris_arctic) wrote,

про L.A.

Прихватизировала у подруги, которая живет в Лос Анжелесе.  Говорит, что правда ..

Los Angelesis seventy-two suburbs in search of a city. [Dorothy Parker]

L.A.: Come on vacation, go home on probation. [crime novelist James Ellroy]

What i hate about L.A. is that u have to seem young, happy and successful all the time. [anonymous tv producer]

In Los Angeles, by the time u r 35, u r older than most of the buildings. [Delia Ephron]

Fall is my favourite season in LA, watching the birds change color & fall from the trees. [David Letterman]

I love Los Angeles. I love Hollywood. They're beautiful. Everybody is plastic, but i love plastic. I want to be plastic. [Andy Warhol]

U can have a laugh in LA, or u can weep in LA, depending on your attitude towards it. [Miranda Richardson]

The whole city gives u the impression of impermanence. U have the feeling that one day someone is going to yell. "Cut! Strike it!" and than the stagehands will scurry out and remove the mountains, the movie-star homes, the Hollywood Bowl - everything. [Allan Sherman]

со многим оч. даже согласна. вот так и живём:)
Tags: места, улыбнуло

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