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You know you're Russian when... have to think twice about throwing away an empty instant coffee jar. answer the phone by saying 'allo, allo, allo' before giving the caller a chance to respond.
…when crossing the street, you sprint.
…in winter, you choose your route by determining which icicles are least likely to impale you in the head. win a shoving match with an old babushka for a place in line and you are proud of it. are pleasantly surprised when there is toilet paper in the WC at work.'re not sure what to do when the GAI (traffic cop) only asks you to pay the official fine. wonder what the tax inspector really wants when she says everything is in order. plan your vacation around those times of the year when the hot water is turned off. change into tapki (slippers) and wash your hands as soon as you walk into ...your apartment. think metal doors are a necessity. don't feel guilty about not paying on the trolleybus.
...the elevator aroma seems reassuring somehow. can heat water on the stove and shower with it in less than 10 minutes. bring your own scale and calculator to the market to make sure the amount you are charged is correct.
…When that strange pungent mix of odours of stale sawdust, sweat and grime in the metro makes you feel safe and at home... get excited when the dentist smiles and has all his own teeth. do your shopping at kiosks. voluntarily take a stroll in the park, Baltika beer in hand, on a sub-zero day. laugh at Russian jokes. actually get these jokes.
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