iris_arctic (iris_arctic) wrote,

Have You Hugged a Baby Seal Today?

While most of us would never dream of bashing in a helpless baby seal's skull, there are people out there who don't even think twice about it. More than 205,000 seals were killed last year in Canada's annual seal massacre, which is why we sent a "baby seal" to Ottawa, Ontario, to ask the locals for hugs instead of clubs.
Tags: тюлени, тюлень

  • ША

    Ходили с Сашей, значит, к окулисту. Не ожидала, но буква Ш в Сашиной интерпретации стала буквой ЭШ. Ого! - подумала я. Думала, только с ЭЛЬ…

  • Индустрия 4.0

  • про слова

    Мне сильно не нравится звучание слова yield А вот совсем другое дело molecule

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