iris_arctic (iris_arctic) wrote,


Flood-tide below me! I see you face to face!
Clouds of the west – sun there half an hour high – I see you also face to face.
Crowds of men and women attired in the usual costumes, how curious you are to
On the ferry-boats the hundreds and hundreds that cross, returning home, are
more curious to me than you suppose,
And you that shall cross from shore to shore years hence are more to me, and more
in my meditations, than you might suppose.

Как-то я всегда была слишком уж спокойна к Уитмену. А тут...прочитала - и в прямом смысле - захватило дух!
Как заговор какой...по эмоциям - почему-то напоминает Э.А. По
Tags: красиво

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