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Transforming an ordinary utilitarian item into an expressive vibrant communication tool – a South African ‘invention’. Makarapa’s are as crazy as South Africans are inventive. South African soccer mania features plastic hard hats reformed as cut-out, folded-up, brightly painted personalised head-ware!

Generally made by cutting into the plastic hard-hat shell with a hand held cutting knife, folding the desired profile up with the softening assistance of a gas stove, and painting the exuberant profile in the colours of your favourite team, Makarapa’s are set to take the 2010 soccer world by storm. If you get off the plane in Germany, San Paolo, London, Logos, Sydney or Tokyo without a Makarapa on your head, who will believe you were really there?!

Понятно, да? Это такие штуки, которые надевают на голову болельщики. Жители ЮАР любят инновации)).
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