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Keel's Simple Diary


Пришел вчера каталог Taschen все красиво-красиво)) Как всегда. Как всегда - статьи не читаю, но смотрю картинки.
Обратил на себя внимание вот такой ежедневник. 
Keel explains: there are three reasons why most people, although they have tried, won't keep a diary. Not every day is very eventful, it actually takes a lot of discipline to write, and in retrospect, may find what they have written embarrassing. His unique format takes the pressure out of journaling, and provides boundaries to get to the essence of your day, week, or moment.

Simple Diary™ is the authors response to having too much information and not enough meaning, and needing to remember what made him smile. Says Keel, “It gave me structure and a way to turn off the noise of everything being too much, and hear what I really thought.”

Наверное, буду теперь его хотеть)) Как молескин))
Tags: вещь!

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