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By the start of the 20th century, the Sahara desert was still a blank area in the middle of the map of North Africa. Large areas of the desert were entirely avoided due to the lack of water and the daunting terrain. In the oases towns, the people told of legends handed down to them, legends of lost oases, lost cities and lost treasure. The greatest of these was the legendary oasis of Zerzura. An anonymous 15th century Arabic treasure seekers guide, "Kitab al Kdnuz" (The Book of Hidden Pearls) describes Zerzura as a whitewashed city of the desert on whose gate is carved a bird. the treasure seeker is advised to "take with your hand the key in the beak of the bird, then open the door of the city. Enter, and there you will find great riches..."

Складки гофрированного песка напоминают волнистую поверхность верхнего нёба у собаки...
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