iris_arctic (iris_arctic) wrote,

Бумага не краснеет

Писали сочинения...вот что получилось:

- Queen of the USA
-A new era of high technologies is starting now which is known as cyber terrorism
-... tells that the existing of computer's networks are about to resist the sources of breaking
-some computers communications systems are very secure, others are badly secured
- John Pike is sure that terrorists are vulnerable, hackers have the access to the computers networks
-I consider that some people should be rich, others can steal their money (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Last year computers in the USA were broken 160 000 times (вместо БЫЛИ ВЗЛОМАНЫ)
- That's why cyber-terrorists  were able to steal information from their computers (ага, со своих же...)
- There had been a great number of attacks on computers that were very secured, others were secured as they were able to

Я ПЛАКАЛА!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Интересно, а они с каким языком дружат? И на каком языке у них работает голова?
А потом ведь это все читаем и дружно смеемся...обидно.
Tags: улыбнуло, язык

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